El Salvador Real Estate

El Salvador is one of the most beautiful countries in the Americas. You've got a dramatic Pacific coast…gentle  beaches…volcanoes and freshwater lakes…colonial cities and artisan towns…

El Salvador offers one of the best values for Pacific coastline in the hemisphere. The weather and water are warm all year, and the property values are far lower than you’ll find most anywhere else.

Imagine finding your piece of paradise along the warm Pacific waters.  Each stretch of coast has its own appeal and advantages. Throughout, you’ll find wide, white-sand beaches…black-sand beaches…swaying palms…tiny coves and majestic cliffs… as well as small fishing villages and beautiful, modern developments.   As the smallest Central American country, you are close to everything, including the capital city of San Salvador.  Aside from the weather, beautiful beaches and countryside, it enjoys one of the America’s lowest cost of living and one of its friendliest populations.  One you come…you won’t want to leave!